The Basic Living Standard | The relationship between the Basic Living Standard Wage (Minimum Wage) and the cost of monthly essentials MUST remain fixed

The relationship between the Basic Living Standard Wage (BLSW) and the monthly prices or values attributed to Essentials or the combinations that make that value thereof, MUST always remain static, for a Fair & Balanced Society to function and for the True Economy underpinned by the Basic Living Standard to work.

Setting the exact value of the Basic Living Standard Wage, versus the End of Month value of any Essential Cost is not the most challenging issue to be faced.

In today’s terms, the Minimum Wage would have to rise or the current prices would have to fall to meet the requirement of the change either way.

Because of the emotional ties that we have to the perceived value of the £Pound ($Dollar etc), it will be practical to use another form of nomenclature or currency in order to establish the Basic Living Standard and Basis Living Standard Wage at least on a temporary basis.

Quality of life for everyone should never hinge on one name!

The Basic Living Standard | Defining where the prices of ‘Essentials’ should be

Within the system that is based upon The Basic Living Standard, there are two forms or streams of commerce which can be identified: The Foods, Goods and services that we need (The Essentials) and The Foods, Goods and Services that we want (The non-essentials).

The retail or consumer cost prices of ‘Essentials’ and every part of the process that provide for them must always correspond to the requirements of The Basic Living Standard in every way.

If all the rules and principles of The True Economy and the Basic Living Standard that underpin it are followed in every way, the system will function as it is intended to do so and as it should.

On this basis, business and industry would be able to rely on the following basic formulas to identify where the prices of Essential Foods, Goods & Services or their proportional attribution. For purposes of illustration, this Table is based on the current Minimum or Living Wage  (£9.50 per hour, per 40 hour week) and shows us what maximum corresponding prices or compounded values should be:

The Essentials:Monthly % AttributionEnd of Month Value £UK
Basic Food20329.33
Savings, Investments & Other Eventualities15247.00
Taxation and/or Community Contribution10164.67

For anyone attempting to gauge how unaffordable life really is for people on the minimum wage and why we are in a cost of living crisis today, this table demonstrates just how much they would or should be paying, if their wages were to be apportioned in a way that was both affordable and fair for the basic essentials at the end of each month as things stand in May 2022, with there being no requirement for Benefits Payments (subsidy) or taking on debt (loans & credit cards etc) in any way.

For reasons of practicality the attribution or proportionality percentages suggested are likely to be changed before the Basic Living Standard Wage system is adopted.

However, the change is unlikely to be any more or any less that 1 or 2 percentage points either way (+/- 1 or 2 %).

Rates of apportionment will never be changed because one interest or another claims that their business or industry wants, is entitled to or must have more.

The Basic Living Standard Wage (BLSW)| All Businesses & Industries must back-work or redefine their prices based on providing the BLSW to their lowest paid employees

In Levelling Level, we used the term ‘The Great Correction’ as a way of describing the ‘reset’, ‘restart’ or complete flipping of the system in which we are now beginning to engage. For practical reasons and so that it is relatable, we have increasingly referred to this process as ‘The Great Reset’ – simply because the world Elites and World Economic Forum have been building a narrative around this term and it is vital that we all recognise that ownership of this process of change and the future beyond it is ours. It is not theirs.

Calling the process The Great Correction, is likely to prove to be the most accurate term, as whatever is done or however we look at it, unless the world is completely destroyed, there will be restarts, reestablishment and resets of everything at all levels. Everything will be corrected so that it works fairly and in a balanced way – as it always should.

With the collapse of the current system taking place like a series of falling dominoes, where one is knocked and then they all follow, it may perhaps seem strange that the reconstruction process that will create our new world, will happen or be set in motion in a very similar way.

It is the adoption of The Basic Living Standard and with it, The Basic Living Standard Wage that will be the first principle that must be adopted. Adoption of the Basic Living Standard Wage will serve to be the first domino that knocks over all the others that need to fall into place so that the Basic Living Standard becomes the benchmark for all.

Our system of governance only has to adopt and get the framework that guarantees The Basic Living Standard right, to set off the process that will ensure that it works and operates in every way that it should.

Once the Basic Living Standard becomes the principle upon which all rules and laws governing business and finance are based, all activities will then realign away from profit to people.

The Basic Living Standard Wage (BLSW) | Proportionality & Breakdown

In Levelling Level, we discussed what everyone’s genuine basic requirements to function and survive at a basic level are.

The Foods, Goods & Services that provide for everyone’s basic requirements are essential.

Essential Foods, Goods & Services are what each of us need. They are not what we want.

What we need and what we want are two very different things.

The Basic Living Standard is a benchmark that means anyone who genuinely wants to work to live, rather than live to work has the choice to do so. That in return for providing the most basic functionality to fulfil the most basic role, the individual can live and maintain their own Personal Freedom through material independence.

The Basic Living Standard is not inflationary. Therefore, the Basic Living Standard Wage is not inflationary.

If a person wants more than the Basic Living Standard, they will have the option to gain more through the accumulation of skills, experience and/or time served that they can then offer to fulfill the needs of business and/or the community.

People can fulfill a role that needs a greater level of skill or experience once they have it, but the role cannot change or be awarded a higher wage, just because it’s what that person wants.

If the principles of The Basic Living Standard are always being adhered to, the highest wage within any organisation will find its own natural ceiling. However, this will take time and in the first instance, it is suggested that the highest paid employee or income earner within any organisations should not receive a gross income larger than the Basic Living Standard Wage any greater than five times (5x).

The following Table provides a suggested breakdown of how the BLSW should be apportioned:

The Esssentials:% Proportion of Income / Time (Suggested)
Basic Food20
Savings, Investments & Other Eventualities15
Taxation and/or Community Contribution10
TOTAL (%):100

The Basic Living Standard (BLS) | How it works in practical terms | The BLS Wage (BLSW)

The Basic Living Standard (BLS) functions on the proportional division of what a working adult would earn for the equivalent of a working week in the lowest paid role.

The BLS Wage must itself always equate or be equal to the minimum amount necessary for that same adult to live safely, securely and healthily in a self-sustainable way, without the need of any kind of subsidy, or the requirement to engage in debt of any kind.

It is likely that the immediate thought of many reading this will be something along the lines of ‘But that’s not the way that wages work. We get paid and then we see what we can afford!’ – or something like that.

But this is the thinking of the old age. It is the thinking of the system and the governance that we are now leaving. It is the thinking of a system that is about what’s best for somebody somewhere else. It is the thinking that always prioritises someone other than us – all too often without you, me or any of us realising that’s the way that it always works.

Once we have set the framework that says the first rule of the new system will always be the principle of the BLS Wage, then everything that relates to or relies upon it, will have to redirect, recalculate, reform, reset and even restore.

The BLS and The BLS Wage will mean that people and personal freedom through material independence will ultimately be assured.

The BLS Wage and The Basic Living Standard will dictate that greed or the accumulation of wealth of any kind, will no longer lead the way for everyone in how they conduct their lives.

Personal Freedom through material independence is how life should always be.

The Basic Living Standard (BLS) Defined:

Adults, working a full working week in any job at any level, must be able to feed, house, clothe and provide adequately for their own transport needs, whilst providing basic necessities such as communication themselves, without the need for credit, loans, benefits or third-party support of any kind.

Everything must prioritise The Basic Living Standard as its focus and run with this priority in mind at all times.

For absolute balance and fairness across society, the commitment to that system of balance through fairness must be absolute too.

The Basic Living Standard | The Basic Rule of The True Economy or Grassroots-Up System |

There is one fundamental rule of a new system that is balanced, fair and works for everyone: That every rule and law remains subservient and respectful in relation to the Basic Living Standard, and that its existence or impact will or cannot compromise the principle of The Basic Living Standard in any way, no matter how unrelated in may appear to be.

In effect, the adoption of The Basic Living Standard, whether that be as a resetting of the current system of governance or as the result of quite literally everything stopping and then starting all over again, is the act of completely overturning the Top-Down or hierarchical system of governance, and turning the whole thing on its head, so that the system becomes ‘Grassroots-Up’.

The Basic Living Standard is the rule that puts people first, instead of the prioritisation of money, the accumulation of material wealth, power, influence and gaining more of anything and everything before considering anyone else.

A Fair and Balanced Society can only work properly and maintain the fundamental equality of its system by creating and maintaining a framework of rules relating to everything that ensures that the material independence of the person cannot and will not be compromised by either the action or will of any other, and that it is the primary objective of the community and any structure of governance around or beyond it, to ensure that this principle is maintained at all times.

By adopting and maintaining the principle of The Basic Living Standard, the overwhelming number of issues that society faces will be addressed.

As long as the individual remains respectful of the dynamics of the principle of The Basic Living Standard which is and always be ‘treat others how you wish to be treated yourself’, almost everything that needs to be fixed, needs answers or requires solutions will create its own fix.