The Right to be forgotten Online

One of the greatest travesties of so much information and history now being stored and publicly available online, is that the history of anyone that has no meaning to anyone other than the individual concerned or to those making mischief or looking for ways to do that person harm can easily be found.

People can be unnecessarily cruel and have little regard for the consequences of their actions when they want to counteract what they see as a threat to them personally, or punish someone else for what they see as a crime against them or someone they care about subjectively. Objectively their targets were more than likely doing nothing wrong and should be dealt with by the appropriate authorities if they were. Indeed, to a fresh set of eyes and ears would more than likely be in the right.

As people travel through life and gain more experience as they live that life, most become well aware of the damage that can be caused when the misperceptions that others have of a stupid or foolish act from the past can have when turned into a crime by being framed or dressed up as such in contemporary thought.

If there has been no crime or act against the community or against others as the law provides for on the part of an individual, or the responding punishment or restrictions of any court they have been given have ended or been spent, that individual should have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean or to have their past forgotten.

Every web page or platform that carries information that an individual believes to their detriment online should be required to remove any related information – once they are aware of the requirement – for someone enacting their right to be forgotten – not continuously or on an ongoing basis. But at perhaps one or two career-changing or life-changing points.