Going Green: The happy consequence of Levelling Level

I have not specifically focused on climate change, going green and the fallacious government policy they call ‘Net Zero’ itself for a reason.

That reason is that by addressing or embracing all of the changes that the Levelling Level process will require, many of the issues relating to the damage that our unsustainable way of living has been causing the environment will be addressed.

Yes, many changes lie ahead, and we will have to embrace new technologies and habits as they arrive. However, the changes to the way that we live and think that may not seem to be linked to green issues today play a much more significant part in the problem than it has been in vested interests to allow us to be aware of or to think about.

As we divorce ourselves from the system of old, the changes will buy us the time to take a much more realistic and practical approach to adopting any changes that are then left for the UK (and the World) to embrace.