Basic Clothing & Footwear

Perhaps one of the most challenging areas covering basic needs provision will be that of the supply of affordable shoes and clothing.

If there is one area of industry that has been outsourced to other Countries more than any other, it will surely be the production of clothes and shoes.

Whilst many today look scornfully on shops such as Sports Direct, the reality is that retailers of this type are today providing goods at a price that keep people on low incomes clothed.

The irony is that whilst cheap and cheerful, the price reflects the quality of the materials and the manufacturing. It is not uncommon for such items to require regular replacement and over time, for the customer to have paid out much more on multiple purchases of the same items at a lower cost, than it would have done over the same period IF they had been able to afford a better-quality version of the same thing.

Whilst cotton will always be imported to the UK as a raw material, wool and other materials are not. There will be a need to redevelop the British Textiles industry with a primary focus on the materials that we have readily available from our own production, or which can be supplied without significant reliance on international supply chains from our traditional trading partners.