It is the responsibility of government to create and police a framework for affordable life that works

The people whose responsibility to make sure that we don’t have to worry about prices, inflation and why everything inexplicably costs as much as it does, are our politicians – nobody else.

Our politicians are the people who put themselves forward to all of us for election on the basis that they are qualified, have the wherewithal or that they possess the experience, understanding and skills that are necessary to interpret everything that is going on in the world that impacts each and every one of our lives. They also do so on the basis that they have the vision and leadership skills to then come up with solutions and changes in the form of public policies that are not only fair and balanced for everyone – but they also actually work.

With the existing political culture that we have in power and occupying seats in our Parliament, within the devolved Administrations and within every Council across the Country today, none of the issues that are having a real impact on our lives that could be addressed, are being tackled as they should.

In fact, the majority of the politicians who have been elected by us, have no idea or concept of the power that they actually have and are entitled to use on our behalf.

Others willfully choose not to do so, because for reasons of self-interest or because they have been influenced wrongly by others, taking action that can actually make a difference to the people they are supposed to be representing is something that will not help them, themselves.