Our Politicians caused the mess we are in. But they have no control over what happens next

Many of us scoff at or simply do not like the idea that there are forces at work that are out of our control.

The reality is that the reason that terms such as ‘The Hand of God’ or The Invisible Hand’ make a lot of sense to those who observe how events come together and then create particular results, is because there will often be no logical reason or excuse that can be seen to explain how things ended up the way that they did, or the chain or events or decisions that made them so.

Our default setting is to look for the first excuse or reason that makes sense of anything.

That is why in an age when our leaders, the establishment and the media don’t normally speak with sincerity or truth, many of us are both open and vulnerable to the idea or suggestion of conspiracies that come from what we consider to be any credible voice.

Yet, the reality is that the unsustainable way of living that greed and the obsession with money has imposed across the world, has, under the guidance of the wrong politicians, come at a considerable cost to us all. Not just because of the end results like you and I experience. But because their actions have pushed everything about life and the world we live in out of balance.

It is natural that the balance has to be restored.

Ironically for our leaders, it is their own way of looking at the world and the decisions that they make in each and every moment, that has created the circumstances where all of the problems that they have created and maintained are coming to a head.