Unsustainable Living. Unsustainable everything. Unsustainable for too long.

Together, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the cost-of-living crisis, energy prices, the way that Covid was handled, food poverty and hunger, social mobility issues, climate change, housing shortages, immigration or indeed any other problem that we can see.

These problems have been developing, growing and creating even more issues through their knock-on effects over a period of many years.

Today, more and more people are asking questions about why things really are the way that they are, rather than simply accepting them as being normal, as we have been doing – and have been encouraged to do so by narratives – for a very long time.

Regrettably, bad decision making can take a very long time to work itself through and can remain unhindered up until the end result. It can and will cause a lot of pain to innocent people, before it finally does.

No public policy – or the effect thereof – that hurts people or is unfair to anyone is sustainable in the long term. And the long term, can be a very long time indeed.

Even then, when vested interests benefit from the existence of that policy or that approach, they will do all that they can to keep that opportunity open – or to maintain that narrative, often being consciously unaware of or blind to the pain that they cause to so many others by doing so.

Many different things haven’t been working as they should – and have been hurting people as a result – for all that time.

So many, in fact, that there is very little public policy that now exists or works proactively to create or maintain a balanced way of living in any genuine way.

What is remarkable about this situation is just how ridiculous the situation has become, where so much has been wrong about the way that we live, but at the same time, because of just how bad things are, the wrong people have been able to succeed at keeping things as they are, or indeed actually making them worse.

The fact is that the wrong leaders give us the wrong results.