We have forgotten to value everything that is important

In the period of time immediately following the Second World War, people in this Country genuinely appreciated all that they had. Not in terms of material wealth – as rationing continued to exist into the 1950’s – but in appreciating others, their sense of community and in simply just being alive.

This didn’t last long. As the consumerism drive of the 1950’s and beyond took control, life lost the real meaning that it had.

This societal change was reflected in the development and evolution of post-war British Politics too.

The prolonged period of peace without anything but easy options being taken by the political classes – because genuine leadership has only been seen in peacetime as an option, rather than a requirement – has led to the present-day political system that has thrived on ‘easy’ being the only thing to do.

In fact, so long has the Political Party system been furloughed away from the need to provide what we would recognise as real leadership at a challenging time or within a period of National Crisis, the political class has managed to make it impossible for genuine leaders to come through and join their parliamentary ranks.

The darkness that surrounds small-minded and self-interested control freaks in public offices has led them to do everything they can to prevent light of any kind shining through that will expose them for the charlatans that they really are.

Weak leaders don’t take tough decisions. They lead by taking easy decisions and then tell us that we should believe they are tough.