The smallest prejudices can have the greatest cost

The really challenging aspect of the answer to the Social Mobility question, is the acceptance that we all have a part to play in helping others to get on.

More often than not, the part we have to play is resisting the innate prejudices that we all have – that call on us to obstruct people from progressing or accessing opportunities who we identify as being different and therefore a threat to us in some way.

Yes, the term ‘innate prejudices’ is yet another term that has and is being actively misused by the rights lobby today, simply because you cannot legislate to change the way that people think.

The spurious attempts regulate against innate prejudices are counterproductive. They make light of the reality that every one of us has innate prejudices that affect everything we do and every interaction that we have.

It is basic programming or software that constitutes the way that we think. Without modification through life learning and broad experience, it will have either been there, have been created or have been developing since the day that we were born.