Levelling down reduces the function and utility of society

Perhaps within all of the policies that the Left have inflicted upon people and communities across the UK, levelling down standards in education may well in time prove to have been the very worst that they have done.

Never mind that Industry is now facing a crisis based on the reality that a degree-level education can no longer be relied upon as the educational benchmark that it once was.

We are now facing a situation where young people leave university with degrees, they believe will entitle them to opportunities and riches that simply do not exist in the real world. Simply because the world of business employs staff to carry out the functions that they are able to, and not what a piece of paper tells the world they can do.

The lie that qualifications solve all social problems is indeed one of the sweetest from the Left that we have heard. But it has been a massive contributor to the disaster we now face.

Today, as things stand, this legacy of the left is destined to last.