Levelling Level

Solving todays problems and building a better future using The Basic Living Standard

Levelling Level focuses on the need for societal and economic change so that life actually works for everyone, including the poorest and most disadvantaged in our society. It makes suggestions of how we will achieve that change by making the very best of events that we cannot avoid and circumstances that are out of our control, to do so.

It is the ability of the poorest and those on the lowest incomes to be self-sufficient, without external intervention or without their situation having a negative impact upon wider society, that reflects just how healthy we are as communities, as a nation and how together we operate and work.

To achieve the aim of real equality, there are many problems that our society faces. Problems that must be fixed.

We cannot fix any problem unless we understand both the effects of it and how the problem was caused.

We cannot fix any problem unless we have people in charge at the top of Government who know what to do to fix that and every problem, and are prepared to do it too.

Creating a balanced and fair society, where everyone has access to what they genuinely need, but not necessarily all that they might actually want, cannot and will not be achieved by a process of levelling up or by levelling down.

Levelling down or levelling up are the only solutions that the politicians we currently have can offer as solutions to the problems that increasing numbers of us have quietly been facing for decades, and that many more of us are beginning to experience now.

Levelling Level proposes The Basic Living Standard, as the pivot point or anchor upon which all of the necessary changes will hinge and be developed, with the reality that the future and success of a fair, balanced and just society depends upon us adopting a people-first value set, and rejecting the money and wealth-obsessed mind set that we live within now.