Hi Everyone – Yes, I’ve been at it again!

My latest Book, ‘Officially NONE OF THE ABOVE’, is now available to download as a Book for Kindle from Amazon.

Whereas the majority of the books that I’ve written and published over the past 14 months (Levelling Level, The People First Economy & The Basic Living Standard, From Here to There Through Now, The Way of Awakened Politics for Good Government, A Community Route  and The Grassroots Manifesto) have related to Public Policy or the methods we use or arguably should be using to revise, create, implement and maintain it, I’ve gone back to the approach that I used with my very first Book, How to Get Elected in 2018.

This time, I have focused on a very mechanical approach to providing a solution to the electoral problems that many of us now agree that we’ve got, and have put it all together in a ‘How to’ guide.

Mindful that increasing numbers of us don’t even bother to Vote in Elections now, and that many will go as far as defacing their ballot paper and writing ‘NONE OF THE ABOVE’ as they strike a line through it, I have taken messages such as ‘Not in My name’ and ‘You don’t speak for us’ and the associated feelings away, and created a guide so that everyone who is interested in what it would take to create a genuine electoral alternative, in a real or Official sense.

The message overall, is that if we continue to do nothing – and just moving the pieces around on the political party chess board is very much that very same thing – it is inevitable that we will continue to get the same experiences as we’ve already got – but with the potential for them to get increasingly worse.

It’s a nice idea and we’ve taken it for granted that we can leave politics for the politicians, for a very long time.

Sadly, because of this hands-off approach, we’ve also reached the point where we most definitely have the politicians that we deserve.

That isn’t going to change until we all reengage and accept that each and every one of us is going to have to take part.

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