Stopping the replacement of jobs & life itself with Chatbots and AI | The Grassroots Manifesto

It is no accident that so much change is appearing around us at the same time everything we previously considered to be normal is falling apart.

Contrary to what many of those who have awakened or are awakening to what is really happening and the process that is underway may feel, there is no benefit to being angry or even frustrated with those who are still invested in The System as it is.

The world today is massively complex and complicated, and deliberately so. There isn’t just one ‘rabbit hole’; there is a rabbit hole for everyone, depending upon where their own priorities lie and what they believe to be true or to exist.

This means that the task of confusing and misleading the majority with acts and events that are no more than smokescreens or sleight of hand, has been made very easy to succeed. Especially when the vein of commonality that reaches between everyone who remains bought into The System is that everything in life is easy and can only get easier, and that above everything else, its money, wealth, influence and power that are absolute king.

So, unless you are one of those directly and knowingly affected by a change, you are unlikely to see or even be interested in any down-side or the negative outcomes for others.

Yet deep down, you know that the greed that drives such changes is the same greed that gave you what you have and maybe even put you where you are.

Only days ago, I wrote about the reality that Artificial Intelligence in the form of Chat Bots has been unleashed upon the public and upon the world, in what is nothing better than a real-time or live experiment.

This dangerously premature release of AI Chatbots is, at the very least, borne of the arrogance of very clever and intelligent people who believe they can programme their way out of anything.

In reality however, it is more likely an act driven by an Establishment whose ideals are now exploding everything they have built around them, making the same small-minded and inhumanly selfish people who caused these problems, desperate to maintain control over everyone, without revealing any more than is necessary about what drives them, and who they really are.

I only touched on the ethical conundrum that is the predictable push to prioritise the use of AI over people and the impact on jobs and livelihoods that it would replace.

I did so, assuming that profit-driven commercial monoliths would at least wait to do so, until such time as the integrity, honesty and reliability of AI Chatbots and all technologically aligned systems could at the very least be guaranteed.

With the news that companies such as IBM are already factoring in job losses due to their use and integration of AI, there is a very dark reality emerging within the midst of all this chaos and distraction we are experiencing.

This is where the real war between those who believe that wealth and power makes them different or better, and all others who have nothing or just much less, not only breaks out of its long manufactured cover, but where the canyon between us emerges and humanities experience of a very different kind of battlefield could well be about to begin.

Parts 1, 2 and 3 of The Grassroots Manifesto work through the steps that will be necessary as we walk the pathway of taking back control as the majority awaken through the process of The Great Reset.

The core value of a People centric culture or society will be that we always put People first in all that we do.

Having rejected the money and greed driven direction of everything that has led up to and includes the Great Reset – as the Establishment sees it – itself, we must embrace the reality that whilst businesses exist to provide a product or a service to its customers and not to create jobs in itself, within the new world or new earth, all businesses will exist to benefit humanity in some way.

If business and organisations only exist to benefit humanity, there is no good reason to replace jobs with technology, unless the cost of production or of the product itself is directly lowered or brought down in exactly the same proportion or way.

Technology should only be used to improve working conditions. Not to replace the condition of working and making a contribution to society itself. (See The Grassroots Manifesto | Policy 5 | Science & Technology | lxxxii)

In Part 3 of The Grassroots Manifesto, a series of Public Policies have been suggested for a new people-centric age. This is one of a number that relate specifically to this issue:

The Grassroots Manifesto | Policy 5 | Science & Technology | lxxxiii

Technology will not be used to replace employment itself.

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