Nobody has the right to make a profit | Tackling Greed & Profiteering | The Grassroots Manifesto

One of the greatest injustices of this old world order, where money and wealth is prioritised over people and humanity, is that so much thinking and the action that follows is enacted in isolation. Without care for the impact and consequences upon others. Within a process which is the antithesis of being joined-up.

There are many reasons for this, and these predominantly include the realities of greed and selfishness.

But they also include the way that relationships are now being progressively dehumanised by our increasing and unnecessary reliance upon technology in so many things, and a culture that champions diversity in ways which create and grow divides between us.

Parts 1 and 2 of The Grassroots Manifesto address the generalities that have allowed this wealth or money-based order to establish itself and then thrive.

The Establishment has done so by creating wealth inequality of a kind that it no longer has the devices available to correct or hide.

Once people have successfully taken back control and the switch back to people-centric values and an economic system that focuses on putting people first is fully in place, there will still be people present in positions within business or with public responsibility who will be tempted, by human nature, to put themselves and their own interests first – if they should believe that such actions will be possible to hide.

Integrity must be left to belief and trust wherever possible.

However, the impact of financial and business deregulation and the abuse of trust has proven to be very high. The actions of the few who have pursued excessive enrichment has created unnecessary suffering and pain at massive cost and with incalculable impact to the quality of life for the many

It is therefore essential, for a fair, balanced and just future, that frameworks, rules and laws that ensure ethics and morality in any area of business, commerce or government that can impact the many, are not only created and implemented, but are then continually maintained.

This will ensure that the generation of any excess margins from within any sale or transaction of any kind, will never exceed a level generated on the basis that the company or organisation is making that charge not because they need to, but because they can.

No company or individual has a right to make a profit.

The reality is that no business needs to exist that doesn’t in some way provide an essential product or service to people, or which in some way results in a clear and unarguable benefit to mankind.

As long as any business or organisation is covering its costs and those who are working within and making a tangible contribution to the operation of that business, no need for excess beyond that should ever have to exist.

Because of the way that businesses operate and work, legislation must be sympathetic to ongoing need and how sensible contingencies must be planned for and made. However, these would never be reflected in the margins that privately owned companies are continuing to make right now, during a cost-of-living crisis, when public representatives are failing people at each and every turn.

In Part 3 of The Grassroots Manifesto, a series of Public Policies have been suggested for a new people-centric age. This is one of a number that relate specifically to this issue:

The Grassroots Manifesto | Policy 3 | Business & Finance | Profiteering | xxiv

Companies or Business Owners convicted of Profiteering and/or undertaking any activity that will result in the same will be fined at the rate of 3x the value of the excess or profit made and will be punished with a custodial term where an impact upon the supply of any basic or essential foods, goods or services has been made.

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