Keep it real. Keep looking ahead | The pathway to a successful Grassroots Revolution | The Grassroots Manifesto

The analysis within The Grassroots Manifesto does sound negative indeed. But it is a genuine assessment of where things are now, written without the wanky hopeism that too many of the people and groups who genuinely already believe that they understand everything that’s happening and that they have ‘got this’, actually employ.

The overwhelming risk to a future with real freedom, that is genuinely happy, healthy, safe and secure for us all, actually comes from all of ourselves.

The fact is that en-masse, we are absolutely open to plotting a future, as long as all the reference points and standards come from looking back.

When you value the past more than you do the future, you can easily be bought off, because the familiarity that comes within the lies, always appears to contain certainty and therefore the deception of a reliable truth.

Real value awaits us in our future if we take it. But to take it, we have to place our faith in it without any hollow promise, and we have to make that decision right now.

Uncomfortable as it is to even write, I believe it to be inevitable that the power of humanity will eventually shine through. But for enough of us to awaken to the level we genuinely need to, we face a reality that will literally mean that the ground underneath us will have to shake, and all that we hold dear to ourselves today will have to be broken or taken away from us first.

Whichever route it will be, we are already on an inevitable path that doesn’t include the designs of the Establishment, the worlds billionaires, today’s politicians, organisations such as the WEF or WHO – no matter how universally appealing or utopian these very silly people believe their vision and control-is-in-humanities-best-interests messaging might be.

One way or another, we are already on a journey and a process of change that will result in nothing less than a complete revolution, which will have meaning for us all, because it will deliver balance, fairness and justice for all, which today seems all but impossible and will continue to appear so for as long as we culturally worship money, and have vacuous and massively selfish people ruling over us from the top.

When this process ends, locality will once again be the most important of all Community tools and our system and system of Governance or Democracy will no longer function from the Top-Down.

Life will be all about the empowerment of the individual and their place and role within the Community.

The system will be Grassroots-Up.

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