Hope for change is bubbling, but it doesn’t yet have the process necessary to come to the boil | The Grassroots Revolution | The Grassroots Manifesto

On the flipside, there is indeed a movement or rather a loose affiliation of different groups that accept the need for change.

It is made up of individuals, personalities, some smaller (but nonetheless mainstream) political parties, spiritual groups, conspiracy theorists, new ageists, spiritual and religious groups and potentially many more, all of whom are in one way or another seeing the process as being a Great Awakening.

The problem that is common amongst this loose affiliation is one that they share with the Establishment itself.

Culturally and subconsciously, all of them see Money and the Top-Down value set that surrounds it as being mechanically central to how everything works. Rather than life being all about people – as it will always be.

Until enough of us can look at life in a very different way and accept that life can and will be able to operate very differently with a non-money focus, even the most spiritually free of us are still disposed to accepting solutions that the Establishment will continue to offer – even when the critical moment comes when it will be obvious to everyone that it is broke.

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