The change we have the power to own can begin right now | Creating New Earth | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

We have the opportunity to begin working on establishing the guiding rules, principles and structures for our New Earth now.

It is a choice that we all have.

One that requires that we begin a proper conversation and dialogue with everyone who is already open to it. That we don’t attack or obstruct those who currently are not awakened to it. And that instead of looking up through the layers of hierarchy with the expectation that the answers and solutions will come from those who are already, or want to be the next ones at the top, we instead focus all our energies on working with everyone at our own level, whilst embracing all those who we would previously have looked down upon and seeing them as the equals they really are.

By switching from talking to doing, many would be surprised just how much could be done. Actions always speak much louder than words after all, and the strongest and most powerful words and commands for the change that we need ahead will always come from people just like you.

We do not need the surety of numbers to know that preparation is the right course of action, or that it is vital for anyone who is already awake to get on and do.

The risk is that by continuing to talk and shout loudly but do nothing constructive or make no proactive contribution when we have the perfect opportunity to do so right now, that we will collectively miss the chance to precipitate and take control of change voluntarily.

If we miss this open goal of a chance, our only further opportunity is likely to come only in the middle of a crisis, when the fear that the powers in charge today have worked so hard to cultivate and evolve, will push and push for the majority to take what appears to be the quick, easy and safest option, that will in fact condemn humanity to a very different and terrible way.

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