Look to your neighbours, your peers and the people you once looked down upon. Reject the idea that the best solutions and right-minded thinking comes from someone ‘at the top’ | Surviving The Great Reset | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

Asking everyone to think differently or change the way we think, does indeed make it sound as if the process that so many of us now need to embrace will be as simple as changing the way that we think about just one thing.

Meaningful change requires that we all have to change the way we look and think about everything.

To reach a place or a level of understanding where we will all be able to see, experience and interact with life differently and in a way that will then be healthy for us all, requires that we adopt the first, most meaningful or profound changes to the way that we think, as a matter of faith.

Only then will we provide ourselves with the motivation and confidence necessary to make sense of changing our minds about everything else that follows next.

The first step is of course the most significant. That is the rejection of the Top-Down system that controls and influences everything that we know and interact with today.

Nobody will underestimate just how difficult not only this change will be in thought, but what is in practicality itself a rejection of the basis of everything that we have been conditioned to believe will be.

Top-Down thinking is ingrained within every part of The System and how everything we know or have known currently works.

Top-Down thinking runs our system of government and the way that our so-called Democracy works. It runs the public sector; it runs large companies and organisations. It structures the way that just about everything else that we know and understands works.

Top-Down is also called centralisation in other – and deliberately deceptive terms.

Top-Down or centralised power structures are only good for the decision makers or the people who are at the top.

Top-Down power structures are in no way considerate of the real-life realities of the people at the bottom.

Top-Down hierarchies only appear to be favourable to those who gain in some way as they climb up the tiers or levels, as they become more important in the process of maintaining the message and in keeping control – again, because to do so is beneficial to those at the top in some way.

Top-Down decision makers and influencers are rarely if ever accessible to anyone other than friends and family, who doesn’t come from one of the hierarchical layers that sandwich them, or more often than not is at peer level or beneath them – again, promoting the idea that it’s all about being better, being the same, or having something more.

The only people you can trust fully are the people who are in your life, who are accessible, who share the same experiences; the people who you can actually see without newspaper, an electronic device or a screen.

Your power sits within your sphere of influence. You can either embrace it or reject it. But there will always be consequences you have no control over, if you don’t.

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