Understanding the change that our own role in the Community requires of us as we face the collapsing Old World Order’s ‘Great Reset’ | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

We didn’t knowingly choose to surrender more and more of our own power to people who are abusing the power and influence they have to pursue their own agendas and how they see the world will work.

But we have acquiesced and played an important part in all that is happening, because we have not questioned the perceived benefits of everything we have collectively been given.

We have collectively failed everyone who has already suffered as a result, as the thinking we have become accustomed to has increasingly affirmed that such problems always belong to others and are therefore not our own.

A spiritual outlook upon life is not required to understand that everything is connected and that disadvantage and suffering for anyone will always have an effect on everyone else in some way – even if the events or outcomes are so far apart, that it would appear there is simply no way that we could ever logically join all the dots up.

But by accepting ideas like processed foods are better because someone somewhere else has made them seem cheap, or that we can afford everything in life as long as we are able to keep borrowing, we are actually helping to make what is for some a life that is already un-liveable, progressively even worse.

If things don’t change, if WE don’t change, the problems you see as someone else’s today, will be knocking on your front door too, very soon.

If collectively, or rather as the majority, we continue to accept that a wealth, money and material values base and everything that comes with it is normal, the reality is that what some of us still believe to be freedom, and what is left of the concept we understand as humanity is and will be completely damned.

Yet we do have a choice or an alternative. And that alternative can come to us in either one of two different ways.

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