The End of The Old World Order is underway | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

You may not realise it. You may not accept it. But a Revolution of everything that we know and understand is already underway.

Begin to look closely at the news, at politics and how everything that each of us interacts with is now affecting and shaping our daily lives, and you will soon begin to understand and appreciate that there are forces of great turbulence at work.

In isolation, each and every part of ‘normal’ life is being systematically attacked, reformed and reshaped in ways that only seem unobtrusive and without harm, because we fail to see the interconnectivity of everything that is happening.

The reality we are in right now is one where an old world that has thrived loudly by quietly hurting us all is collapsing.

The powers responsible for that old world and its collapse are slowly and manipulatively controlling the creation of a new world, whilst manipulating us all into adopting systems and behaviours that will eventually mould its controlling shape.

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