Proactive or Reactive Change: Change voluntarily & take back control or wait and have no choice as the Old World Order uses The Great Reset to become the New | The Grassroots Manifesto | Introduction

This is a particularly dangerous time for the world and for everyone living today. Not because we are experiencing the process leading to the end of an epoch. But because so few of us accept that anything is in the process of change.

Worse still, of those who accept it, the majority do not see just how far that change will reach and what impact it really will or could potentially have for us all.

It has been said that a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Couple that up with the deceptive levels of complexity that everything in the world offers us today, and you will soon realise that we have a very simple view of a problem that requires great thought and intelligence to understand, and that we all – or those that represent us – must reach the level of intelligent understanding that is necessary, before the simple solutions that will be good for us all can be created and then put into place to be of benefit for us all.

The people who think they understand the problems today, don’t. So, they keep telling everyone who will listen that they do, whilst doing absolutely nothing to prepare for what comes next.

Ultimately, without us changing, the New World or New Earth that will emerge at the other side of The Great Reset, will be defined by the same people who are controlling everything that we have and that happens to us now.

The alternative is that we all come together, take back the power that is ours – that those leading us today have assumed to be theirs by right, and then define, redefine, re-establish or create our own new system and rules, that must by their very nature be established from the Grassroots within our very own Communities and then without definable hierarchies spread its influence from the Grassroots-Up.

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