The problems we face and the different views we have about them matter the same | A Community Route

Everyone’s view of what is happening in the UK and across the World today is important. Even if the view that any one of us has, isn’t a view that currently recognises the need for change at all.

You and those you identify and stand with today might consider the solutions to all of the problems we have being related to a priority or a pressing issue such as one or more of the following:

  • Digital Tyranny & Control
  • The Elites (WEF, WHO etc.)
  • The Financial System (Who controls money and how)
  • Media Manipulation
  • AI
  • Brexit
  • Technology
  • US Hegemony
  • Net Zero (Green & Climate Policy, LTNs, ULEZs and 15 Minute Cities)
  • Democracy
  • The War in Ukraine
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Globalisation (Or Deglobalisation)
  • Food Security (Grow your own, Localised production)
  • Healthy Living (Basic Foods)
  • The Cost-of-Living Crisis
  • The loss of Values
  • Wokeism, Political Correctness and Minority Rights

Or it might be something entirely different, which will come from a VERY long list.

The immediate problem that we face is almost everyone like you and like me, believe that the solution(s) they themselves see as being the way to address the problems we all face will be exactly the same as everyone else who is ‘awake’ does, and that everyone else will – once those other people wake up and see.

So, someone else – in fact many of them, are also out there, expecting you to forget what you are passionate about, just as you may be expecting them to do so right now.

They see the solution to everyone’s problems as being their own solution. They are expecting you, me a

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