The Money Based Order lives and functions within the lives of us all

I have alluded to a history of the Money Based Order that covers hundreds of years, simply because it is important to understand how established the system that we have today really is.

In fact, so established is the Money Based Order both around us and within our lives, that many of us have still not awoken to the reality of how our attachment or rather our addiction to the world that qualifies each and every part of our existences based on money, really is.

The house we have, the areas we live in, the holidays we have, the car we drive, the career we have, the degree we qualify for, the clothes we wear, the phone we have, the streaming services we watch, the number of TV sets we have in the house – and what having or failing to have these things at any of the levels that they all seem to come, all play a massive part in the way that we value ourselves, how we value our friends, and how we believe everyone else looks upon us – when in the overwhelming majority of cases, each and every one of the people who have the views we are worrying about, are doing exactly  the same things as us.

Whilst generations of marketing men have spent amounts of money that even today’s billionaires could never earn telling us otherwise, this whole way of looking at life and living our entire existence is all about what we want. None of it is about what we need.

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