The Basic Living Standard (BLS) | How it works in practical terms | The BLS Wage (BLSW)

The Basic Living Standard (BLS) functions on the proportional division of what a working adult would earn for the equivalent of a working week in the lowest paid role.

The BLS Wage must itself always equate or be equal to the minimum amount necessary for that same adult to live safely, securely and healthily in a self-sustainable way, without the need of any kind of subsidy, or the requirement to engage in debt of any kind.

It is likely that the immediate thought of many reading this will be something along the lines of ‘But that’s not the way that wages work. We get paid and then we see what we can afford!’ – or something like that.

But this is the thinking of the old age. It is the thinking of the system and the governance that we are now leaving. It is the thinking of a system that is about what’s best for somebody somewhere else. It is the thinking that always prioritises someone other than us – all too often without you, me or any of us realising that’s the way that it always works.

Once we have set the framework that says the first rule of the new system will always be the principle of the BLS Wage, then everything that relates to or relies upon it, will have to redirect, recalculate, reform, reset and even restore.

The BLS and The BLS Wage will mean that people and personal freedom through material independence will ultimately be assured.

The BLS Wage and The Basic Living Standard will dictate that greed or the accumulation of wealth of any kind, will no longer lead the way for everyone in how they conduct their lives.

Personal Freedom through material independence is how life should always be.

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