Levelling Level is the Aim. But we are on the first steps of very challenging journey and it is essential that we Survive AND Thrive

Levelling Level is not only an aim. It is about the process or journey from where we are today, travelling through the turbulence of transition and change, so that we not only survive and thrive, but then recognise and fully utilise the keystone of the foundations that we will all build a fair and balanced world for everyone upon.

Looking after ourselves, so that we remember that every element of life is not just something that can be given a price tag and bought, will be a very big part of what our experiences in the near future will be about.

There will be shortages that mean there isn’t new to replace old.

There will be shortages that mean finding different ways to do the same things.

There will be shortages that mean we can never do the same things that we have been doing ever again.

When it boils down to it, the world as we know it and as we have experienced it is going to stop.

The good news – that many of our politicians, elites and those at the top don’t want any of us to remember, is that humans are intrinsically resilient and resourceful. As soon as real adversity knocks at the door, it reminds us who we really are.

The very small amount of tolerance we have left for the people who are running this shit show today, will evaporate very quickly, once their continuing stupidity really has taken everything we are being led to experience, too far.

Then we will reimagine who we are, what we can do, how we will do it and who we will do it with.

Please get used to terms like community, local, reuse recycle repair, make do and mend, grow your own, rationing, sharing, cooperatives, swapping, bartering – and anything else that could frame living for at least a time where money isn’t available as a medium of exchange, and life is focused the value of what we need and what we can offer, rather than being all about what we can or cannot afford to buy.

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