We all have responsibility for the people that we elect

With the majority of us having a level interest in politics and the quality or background of the people we vote for in elections being little more than surface deep, the political parties have been able to develop a system where politicians ranging from local councillors right up to the ministers who effectively run the Country today may have no relevant understanding or experience.

They offer the public nothing that makes them suitable as leaders or qualifies them to hold the responsibility that they have been given.

Whilst they may quickly move home to a constituency when they become a ‘candidate’, the reality is that few of the MPs we have in Parliament today, really have any real interest in the areas or genuine affiliation with locality they represent – other what they have created – so that they can obtain and then keep the job.

The political system today does not work on the basis of us being able to elect the best and most able public representative to serve on behalf of our community and serve our collective interest – as it should.

The people we are able to choose from on our ballot papers at elections are selected only on the basis of how likely they are to serve the purposes of their political party.

The interests our politicians represent today are not our own.

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