Business & Finance: The tail that really wags the dog

Politics, the politicians that we have and the way that they do politics are the root cause of the problems that we have.

But they are closely aided and abetted by the role that the monster they have created in the form of the public sector plays.

Government provides services through the public sector, and it legislates or set the rules that provide the framework for how everything else works too.

Whilst so many of our problems have been created by Government and the Public Sector through their obsessive fervor to try and control everything by creating rules on top of rules, their approach to business and money has been very different.

In the case of business and in particular the UK Financial and Banking Sector, successive governments have stepped further and further away from legislating to govern how the money men behave.

They have done so to the point where this massively overvalued sector is basically allowed to set its own rules.

Neoliberalism, Free Markets and Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) are only able to function if government is involved as little as possible. This is achieved through the spinning of the myth that everything that bankers and financiers do is done with our best interests at heart, and that their increased freedom is balanced by the altruistic nature of unbridled market forces which replace the need for government intervention and care.

(SPOILER: They certainly don’t)

When our political classes have bought in to the lie that money is the only thing that can really solve any problem, and those same politicians are basically blind to the way that the money system works, it means that we have money men not only able to exert such influence on politicians that they actually have a different set of rules for them than those we have for us, they are also able to set the rules that govern the value, our access to and the way that money works for all of us.

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